Helpr & Ambetter


Free in-home childcare


We are partnering to bring healthcare coverage to families who need it most. Helpr & Ambetter provide childcare coverage while you attend a vital healthcare screening. 

Helpr and Ambetter are covering families in Fulton, Clayton, Dekalb, and Gwinnett counties. Families are provided with up to five hours of sponsored childcare, at no cost. Parents have until November 30, 2019 to use their childcare coverage.


About Helpr

We support families with our team of rigorously screened and highly qualified helprs. We offer in-home care for families of up to four children.


About Ambetter

Ambetter exists to improve the health of its beneficiaries through focused, compassionate & coordinated care.


We want to keep parents healthy and keep families together. Parents deserve equal access to healthcare. Fifty-eight percent of Americans don’t attend medical screenings based on high cost, lack of access to care, and time constraints.* Families on average spend more on childcare costs than on housing, healthcare, food, and college. Helpr and Ambetter are working to break down barriers to medical care. 

Twenty-five percent of women in all economic brackets are missing health appointments because of reasons correlated to having children.


Navigation: Do I qualify?

You should have received contact from Ambetter. Use your name and phone number when you sign up with Helpr so we can confirm your eligibility.

Navigation: How it works

  1. download the app (google/apple buttons)

  2. sign up as a “healthcare member”

  3. create your account and family profile

  4. search our helprs

  5. request a helpr for your next appointment

Navigation: Meet our helprs

  1. professional childcare providers

  2. rigorous screening process

  3. ID and background checks