Rubicon Global's Company Culture Spotlights Gender Equity

Rubicon Global's Company Culture Spotlights Gender Equity

Investing in its people as much as its business

Rubicon offers sustainability-focused employee benefits and work-life balance, paralleling its mission to end waste. Helpr is honored to be included in the roundup.


Rubicon's 7 Steps to Creating Great Culture

  • 401k offerings tie directly to ESG investment options

  • Backup wellness and childcare - access to subsidized hours with professional, fully screened childcare providers from the Helpr platform

  • Maternity/paternity leave policy - paid maternity and paternity leave 

  • Unlimited PTO - the company supports employees' time off as much as time spent at work

  • Affinity networks / Intramural teams / Weekly chiropractor - the company believes in social gatherings (movie nights, art outings, happy hours, etc.), as well as their own affinity group called G.R.O.W. that helps women connect with their peers and discuss career advancement

  • Sustainable transportation - the company covers costs for employees who use public transit 

  • Fooda - quality & sustainable lunch options twice a week

To learn more about why Rubicon is a great place to work, visit the company site.

Advisory Announcement: Sarah Johal

Advisory Announcement: Sarah Johal

Helpr is proud to announce that Sarah Johal, brand expert and policy advocate for working parents, will be joining the Helpr Advisory Board. Sarah has made monumental strides toward gender equity and parental benefits. While employed at Lyft, she founded the UpLyft group to support employee caregivers, and hit headlines with their updated leave policy. Read more about that work in Slate. Sarah is pictured below at Lyft’s ‘Take Our Kids to Work’ day, where she met Helpr who had managed childcare for the event.

Slate Image.jpeg

Sarah is also a member of the Parents in Tech Alliance, a group whose mission is to create positive and meaningful change for parents working in technology. Companies in high growth technology have a mission to lead by example to help create more diverse and inclusive workplaces. Their areas of focus are childcare assistance, equal and paid parental leave, manager training, cultural inclusion, new mother assistance and the establishment of Parent Resource Groups.

Most currently, Sarah is the founder of the content hub Underbelly, which explores all of the aforementioned topics regarding the intersection of parenthood, media and work.

Together, we plan to modernize parental support benefits and make parenthood more accessible to those who want to create family and continue their career track, whether in the tech sector or retail. Sarah’s enthusiasm, warmth, and complete commitment to the cause are warmly welcomed at Helpr HQ.

Appreciating Mom this Mother's Day


What we can appreciate about mom

The gift of life

We would not be here in this world if it wasn’t for our mothers and for that, she deserves our love and thanks every day.

She is always there for us

She always continues to have unconditional love for us, no matter what.

In times of need, we can turn to our mothers for advice, comfort, and loving care. We can tell her anything without judgment.

She tells it as it is

We can appreciate mom for her honesty, she is not afraid to tell us when we are wrong or if something doesn’t look good. Her brutal but loving honesty can be painful to hear but we become grateful for her pure honesty.

She gives great advice

Moms will show us the other sides to consider and always gives us food for thought without telling us what to do. We can leave a conversation with her with clarity and she can help show us the bright side in hard times.


How we can appreciate mom

Give her thanks

Tell your mom thank you - thank you for the life she gave you and the love she continues to provide.

Compliment her

Show your mama appreciation by complimenting her. This simple act can make mom beam with happiness.

Write it down

Write her a thankful letter or a gratitude list.

Tell her you love her

Sometimes a simple ‘I love you’ at a random time shows how much you appreciate her.

Hug her

There is nothing better than a big old bear hug.

Spend time with her

Sometimes all a mom really wants is some quality time with her kids.

Make her a dinner

She spent so much of our lives caring and cooking for us, it is time we give back. Cooking her favorite meal can make her feel both appreciated and cared for.

Clean her home

Let her lay back and relax as you make her home sparkle.

Treat her

Treat mama to something nice - spoil her to show your appreciation.


The perfect mother’s day gift

Handmade gifts

Go for a handmade gift for a special touch from you. A great option is a homemade card; pair that with a handpicked bouquet and she will feel extra special. Other crafts, such as jewelry, art, or scrapbooks can also be a fabulous option.

Mother’s Day coupons

Go for a customized packet of Mother’s Day coupons to celebrate her all year. Craft these coupons to match your mother’s needs and desires with activities you will do for her and with her. This can be good for anything from laundry to a night out on you.

Pamper mom

Mom deserves to feel pampered on this day, so spoil her with some lush goodies today. She might love a beautiful garment or earrings, a wine club membership, or a day to the spa followed by a fancy dinner. You can always ask her how she wants to celebrate.

If mom still has young children or acts as your full-time nanny, give her a break and invest in babysitting assistance. It has never been easier to get childcare today with apps like Helpr’s.

At the end of the day, mom deserves to feel loved and appreciated no matter the gift. It is the thought and the time dedicated towards her that will make her feel special. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!