Meet Danielle Kaminsky: Featured Helpr Babysitter

I grew up in Danville, CA (friends like to call me “Danny from Danville”). Through my mother’s business in fertility, I began interacting with infants and children at a young age. While achieving my undergraduate degree in Psychology from UCSB, I continued my work with children as a Research Assistant and Behavior Interventionist at the Koegel Autism Center. In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities, riding horses, cycling, going to the beach, and traveling.


What did you love most about being a kid?

As a child I loved to ride horses and dance.


What are you most excited to share with kids you babysit for?

I am excited to share fun times at the park and fun sing along music.


How are you the same and/or different from the people that raised you when it comes to interacting with the children in your life?

Like my parents, I love to nurture and care for children. I am also avid about setting boundaries and following through.


I can’t live without:



My favorite sitter as a child:

Were my neighbors and were also sisters, Emily and Elli. During summers, they took me on fun adventures around our hometown.


In 5 years, I'll be:

In graduate school, working with children in an academic environment to aid children in psychological health.


3 non-essential items that help carry you through your day:

Aquaphor as chapstick.

Fuzzy socks.

A cute outfit.