Top 5 Reasons to Babysit in Ojai

Although the median age of the population of Ojai is 47.1 years, there is a high demand for babysitters. With a population made up of mostly middle-aged people, Ojai does not seem ideal to find many babysitting hours; however, the Ojai Valley Inn makes this possible.

Ojai, a known tourist destination, attracts many families looking to relax, brings a high demand for vacation childcare or even backup childcare. Ojai attracts many summer tourists, which brings in a significant amount of opportunity for summer sitters. Ideal for both high school and college students who are looking to make some extra money on their break. 

While many a childcare gig is one-on-one, the Ojai Valley Inn works with companies like Helpr to provide event childcare. These events are ideal for student babysitters as you can make connections and network with other sitters, supervisors, and even parents.  

1. Connections

Most parents understand that babysitting is temporary; they know that their child is getting older and that you will eventually move onto higher-level positions. Use this as an advantage. If you have been a consistent and professional sitter, most parents would be more than happy to be a reference and could even connect you with a friend in the field. There's nothing like having a good connection. 

2. Communication

Babysitting gives you first-hand experience with communication. It is not just a job you show up to, but one you have to be present in and practice excellent communication - a skill most jobs desire.

3. Job experience

Babysitting can give you that extra job experience others your age may not yet have. Furthermore, babysitting takes a great deal of skill and can be used to your advantage on your resume. 

4. Flexibility

Many sitters are students who need a little extra money; however, they need time to focus on their schoolwork. Many babysitting jobs are case by case and offer the flexibility a regularly scheduled job may not.

5. You get to play

No matter how old you are, playtime is still fun and essential! However, as we get older, we tend not to make play a priority. Not only does playing reduce stress, but it increases productivity, boosts our imagination, and you get a workout in. All the while, you are entertaining the child, making playtime an all around win-win.

kasey edwards