Top 3 Reasons to Babysit in San Diego

Steadily, we are seeing more and more working parents nationwide and these numbers are only going up, resulting in significant demand and necessity for childcare. San Diego, in particular, has an unemployment rate of 2.8% and about 34.1% of households have children, yet the county suffers from a childcare gap, as a result, these conditions bring about a large market for babysitters.

Working as a babysitter in San Diego is ideal, particularly for high school and college students, as it can be very flexible and is one of the highest paying jobs for these groups. In San Diego, many babysitting jobs will pay well above the county minimum wage. Furthermore, with over 20 colleges in the county, students have the opportunity to babysit to help pay for educational fees and can work with other young people when companies like Helpr provide childcare for events.


1. Babysitting can lead to future employment

If you develop good connections with the families you work for, they can be a great reference or even connect you to future employers. Additionally, many jobs require you to have job experience, babysitting can be a great step into the workforce and can be used on your resume. It’s also a good side hustle!

2. It keeps your inner child alive

There is nothing that keeps you younger than playing with children. Babysitting can be such a fun job, especially in San Diego where the weather is almost always perfect for outdoor playtime.

3. It is fulfilling

When you work closely with children you can help build up their self-esteem and you can teach them important life skills and see them grow from challenges. Seeing your hard work in action can be incredibly rewarding and motivating.   

Helpr in San Diego

Babysitting can be a great start to a career or a viable side hustle, however, you may need to take on various gigs for a sustainable income, which may require numerous applications and interviews even for one-time jobs. Helpr eases this issue and screens you only once for consistent daily work.

Helpr supports you along the way with cancel protection, rate transparency, and a 24/7 help line to ensure that your only job is to care for the kids and have fun without any worries—you will never be alone.

If you’re in San Diego, you can live your best babysitter life by caring for families in their home and during events knowing you are fully supported.