Retain talented parents
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Our Backup & Wellness Care packages empower your team to be their best in the office AND at home.

Daycare hours often don’t reflect workday hours for demanding jobs anymore. And daycares can make kids sick. So backup care is a critical part of how a company holistically supports employees and their families.

— A mom and employee at Snap

We believe that wellness is a critical component to employee success. And as more millennials become parents or consider growing their families, companies need to think about the most robust benefits packages to reduce absenteeism and burnout, save money, and promote more women to leadership positions.

Helpr creates tailored backup childcare packages for leading employers like Boston Consulting Group, Snap, and Lyft. With no corporate liability risk and seamless integration for your unique needs, we provide lifestyle coverage for working parents and guarantee improved work-life balance. Our sitters are available for in-home and on-location services, and they have gone through rigorous screening processes. Helpr has a corporate fulfillment rate of 99.5%.

Our approach is far less corporate than other childcare providers, in that we take the time to evaluate company culture, understand employee work and family needs, and ensure that parents feel comfortable with our sitters. In partnership with benefits teams, we offer concierge benefits for new parents returning to work, and facilitate employee resource groups for parents.

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Our corporate fulfillment rate is 99.5%.
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