Childcare as a Benefit

Our Backup & Wellness Care packages empower your team to be their best in the office AND at home.

Helpr brings trusted, qualified babysitters to your team with as little as 3-hours notice. With no corporate liability risk and seamless integration for your unique needs, we provide lifestyle coverage for working parents and guarantee improved work-life balance. Our sitters are available for in-home & on-location services.

Purpose over perks. Investing in family-friendly culture drives success:

  • Reduce absenteeism: The average American parent loses 9 workdays per year due to gaps in childcare.

  • Save money: For every 250 employees at a company, an employer saves an estimated $75k per year when offering comprehensive backup childcare.

  • Tax incentives: The Employer-provided Childcare tax credit is equal to 10% of backup childcare expenditures made by an employer up to a credit of $150k.

  • Attract and connect with the Millennial workforce: Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce within a decade. This generation views parenting as an equal responsibility between men & women and cites family-friendly benefits as a top incentive.

  • Retain top talent: Pro-family policies reduce employee turnover. Women are 40% more likely to remain employed after two years of childcare assistance.

  • More women in leadership: Companies with at least 30% women in leadership see up to 6% greater net profit than those without women in top ranks.

Our corporate fulfillment rate is 99.5%. Rest assured that we have your team covered. 


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