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Get in-home care as low as $1 hour with support from your employer.


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Family care networks are comprised of 4.5 providers on average, including friends, family, and caregivers. Care is expensive and at times, inaccessible for families.

We want to honor those bonds through our Upload Your Own Provider feature. Trusted caregivers can now be added to the Helpr platform as part of a company benefit package. Families across the US can upload their preferred childcare or adult aide providers for subsidized care rates.


how it works

Families submit qualified care providers for benefit use through our app. Families input their provider’s hourly rate and Helpr determines the copay based on the rate, location, and company subsidies. The number of care hours available varies by company benefit packages.

Providers create an account with Helpr for booking requests and payment. Once a provider is approved and their account is set up, they become available for booking requests. Families cover the determined copay and Helpr pays your provider their full hourly rate directly.