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Family Support Solutions

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for parents

why helpr

We believe that wellness is a critical component to family success.

We’re here for families. The workday doesn’t end for parents when they get home. Women are experiencing the "third shift," the self doubt and anxiety about how we manage our work and life. Additionally, the rising cost of childcare and the remote nature of family arrangements means that families shoulder the burden of care on their own.

Childcare support is paramount to supporting women, and all parents, in the workplace. With Helpr, companies can build robust benefit packages to reduce absenteeism and burnout, save money, and promote more women to leadership positions.

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our solution

We’re here for your backup childcare needs. When you need backup childcare for late work meetings, childcare gaps, sick days, or events, book a helpr to take care of your little ones where they feel the most comfortable--at home.

Introduce Helpr to your workplace. Our approach is far less corporate than other childcare providers, in that we take the time to evaluate company culture, understand employee work and family needs, and ensure that parents feel comfortable with our helprs. In partnership with benefits teams, we offer concierge benefits for new parents returning to work, and facilitate employee resource groups for parents.

We value family care networks.
Learn more about Upload Your Own Provider.

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“We’ve met some really great helprs and I truly enjoy the entire experience. I trust the service and recommend to everyone I know.”

— Helpr Parent, Los Angeles


how it works

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We provide in-home care with extensively vetted childcare professionals with the promise of coverage in as little as 3 hour notice.

Download the app and build a profile to book a helpr in your area. You can browse helpr profiles, request your Favorites, and make bookings for up to four kids in your family. We’ll ask you about your child’s age, exceptionalities, and family preferences to make sure we match you with the right helpr.

Through the Helpr app, parents are matched to the closest helpr available to them. If you find a helpr that your kids absolutely love, you can continue to specifically request that helpr for care. Your helpr will connect with you once they have been assigned to the booking to learn more about your family.


childcare gaps

School or daycare closures, holidays, nanny PTO, parent shift gaps.


heavy work

Overtime, extended work days, launches, conferences, travel.


sick days

Mild sick days. Just give us a heads up as to your child's condition.



Wellness, "Me-time," social breaks, date nights.



All of our helprs have at least two years of childcare experience, and must pass a rigorous screening process.

Helpr sitters are compassionate, engaging, and professional babysitters. They include med students, former nannies, and early education teachers who have devoted their lives to caring for children. helprs possess the versatility and experience to manage kids of all ages and personalities.

Our rigorous screening process includes the following: 

  • Background check with ID verification

  • Current CPR certification

  • In-person and phone screenings with full-time Helpr staff

  • Continuous community vetting

  • Social media check

  • Professional references checks


great sitters

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“I absolutely love caring for children. I have a Master’s Degree in Education and over 7 years of professional sitting experience, with all ages. I believe children should have memorable experiences to foster their development.” Amanda has an MA from Johns Hopkins University and lives in Los Angeles.

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"I am a dancer, singer, actress, and writer. I love being creative and discovering new things." Claudine has been babysitting with Helpr since March 2017 and has experience with children of all ages. She is currently studying for her undergraduate degree at American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles.

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