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Family Support Solutions

Client Case Study

Daycare hours often don’t reflect workday hours for demanding jobs anymore. And daycares can make kids sick. So backup care is a critical part of how a company holistically supports employees and their families.
— Joelle, Legal
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Company size

3,000 employees

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Technology & Social Media

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Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Chicago



The Challenge

As the Millennial workforce grows, a need arises for modern family benefits. At Snap Inc., a large population of its employees are Millennial parents in search of trusted, convenient, and affordable childcare. American companies lose an average of 8 work days from each of their parents annually due to childcare gaps alone. 83% of Millennial parents report that they would leave their job for one with better family lifestyle benefits. Additionally, a 2019 study by the Council for a Strong America found that, on average, childcare problems cause parents to lose two hours per week of work time. More than half of parents said it made them late for work, miss work or be distracted on the job.




No lost work days. Use just 4.75 hrs in backup care.



Quality care in as little as 3 hours notice.



Available across all economic brackets.



Rates as low as $6 per hr for in-home, personalized care.


Easy onboarding

Launch within 2 weeks of contract.

The Solution

Backup & Wellness Care:

In-home personal childcare with a vetted professional in as little as 3 hours notice. Parents create a list of favorite helprs who know their children and home. The booking experience includes a profile and video introduction to each screened helpr.

The Helpr Difference:

Against traditional models that offer coverage by day, our parents receive coverage by the hour - this means that parents who are engaged in a more flexible environment can use, for example, 3 hours one day and save the other 5 for another. On average, parents don't book an 8 hour work day; they collaborate with co-parents and maximize their total benefit with more days of use.

Return to Work Program:

We help parents secure primary childcare with our concierge service. According to research, 43% of highly qualified women with children are leaving careers or off-ramping for a period of time. With this in mind, Snap is committed to supporting their new parents.



The Results

Outcomes & Engagement

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Anticipated 2019 enrollment

Parents spread the word within their community and share favorite helprs.

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Last minute bookings

Parents rely on Helpr for last minute and emergency care, 3-48 hours in advance.

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Hours utilized per month

We support professional growth by reducing mental load and brain drain.


I started a new job at Snapchat and within the first month my partner and I suddenly became parents to a 3 year old. It was fast and chaotic and I have to say that the ability to book highly qualified childcare through Helpr was a lifesaver.
— Lukas, Product UX


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