Want free childcare?

We’d love to hear why. Are your kids feeling sick? Do you need to stay late for a meeting? Is the school closed for a holiday? We want to hear your story.

We want to honor you and your story by gifting you reliable, high-quality childcare.

Nominate yourself or a friend for a free 5 hour childcare session on us. Be sure to read the rules and regulations before entering.

We’re here for you.

Rules and regulations

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  4. We are only accepting entries from specific areas in the US - Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara; San Francisco Bay area; New York; Chicago; Seattle; Austin and San Antonio, TX; Athens, OH; Atlanta, GA.

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  6. The contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by or associated with Instagram.

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When to use a helpr.

Book us for school or daycare closures, holidays, nanny PTO, parent shift gaps, mild sick days, extended work days, conferences, travel, or wellness time.

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Helpr Parent
San Diego, CA

“I use the service for when my children are sick and have to stay at home. I can’t say enough how great the customer service has been!”