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Get in-home care as low as $1 hour with support from your employer.


upload your own provider


the need

Family care networks are comprised of 4.5 providers on average, including friends, family, and caregivers. Care is expensive and at times, inaccessible for families.

Trusted caregivers can now be added to the Helpr platform as part of an Upload Your Own Provider benefit package. Families across the US can upload their preferred childcare or adult aide providers for subsidized care rates.

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Unpaid care

“43.5 million people performed unpaid caregiving in the USA. That means of the $3.9 trillion of care value generated, only $393 billion is paid for.”


why it matters

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Days lost

American companies lose an average of 8 workdays from each of their parents annually due to childcare gaps. 

Brain drain

Pro-family policies reduce employee turnover. 49% of highly qualified women leave work post-baby and 69% say they’d stay with more help.


Mental load

Moms tend to find themselves as the keepers of the household responsibilities 1.9x more than dads, even when both work full time. This causes stress & burnout. 


Lost workers

Companies lose between 16% of annual salary for hourly workers and 213% of annual salary for most senior leadership when team members quit.

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our solution

Support families with affordable, in-home care. Customize benefit packages that fit your team. We leverage family care networks to offer more care, while paying less. Families can utilize their trusted network or Helpr’s backup care with as little as 3 hours notice.

Cost efficient

Options for a la carte hours. Pay for what your team needs, and not a penny more.


Design a plan that’s right for your team. Families can use Helpr backup care, their own provider, or both.

Families can use their own providers for adult or child care in any city in North America.



Companies spend 80% less on benefit packages with Helpr. Families save up to 75% on care with benefit support.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Let families use their trusted care providers with Upload Your Own Provider. 

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how it works

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Families submit qualified care providers for benefit use and input their provider’s hourly rate. Helpr determines the copay based on the rate, location, and company subsidies. Using the app, families request their provider for in-home care. The provider is paid directly for their time.

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Contact us for quotes and more information.

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